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Make every business interaction more memorable with your TapzCard™

Don't Waste A First Impression. Wow Them!

Don't just share your business contact details, grow your network by capturing new leads, referrals and reviews!

Expand Your Network To Grow Your Business

Your TapzCard™ can your turn connections into meaningful prospects and customers. 

Quickly Exchange Info

Capture and share contact information with people that you meet

Want more referrals? We've made it easy for you to receive and track referrals 

Get More Referrals

Capture more 5 star raving reviews directly from your TapzCard™ link

More 5 Star Reviews

Your Personal Networking and Lead Capture Tool

Your TapzPROâ„¢ is more than just a ''business card''. It can turn your  networking into connections.

What is TapzPROâ„¢ in a nutshell?

Capture More Leads

Qickly Exchange Info

Easily exchange contact information and grow your contact list

We've made it easy for you to get and track referrals 

Get More Referrals

Capture raving reviews directly from your TapzPROâ„¢

Capture More Reviews

You can create and easily upload a welcome audio message. We can also create

Refer A Friend

Desgin your TapzPROâ„¢ card to showcase your brand exactly the way you want it!


How It Works

Benefits of Using Tap Card

Ways To Share  - Link, Tap Card, QR Code

3 Layouts

Customized tap cards

They Offer Tap Cards. We Offer Tap Experiences.

What Matters Is Behind The Tap

We Are A Tap Above

One Tap. Endless Possibilites.

Expand Your Network 

Make Your Connections More Memorable

The Future Of Networking Is Here

We Are A Tap Above The Competitions

Custom Background

Custom Header

Custom Colors

Welcome Audio

Theme Library

3 Layouts

Embed Video

Social Media

Redirect URL

Contact Form

Embed Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce eu eleifend risus, vitae porta massa. Vivamus vel ultricies arcu. Maecenas hendrerit efficitur ex id luctus. Suspendisse potenti. Aliquam aliquet bibendum libero, eget consectetur libero vestibulum ac. Pellentesque eu feugiat ante, eget tristique nisl.

Many Ways To Share

We will handcraft your TapzCard™ link to showcase your brand story!

Showcase Your Business

''Done-For-You'' Personal Brand Marketing!

We will customize your TapzCard™ to match your brand and color theme

Tell your brand story with your text, image, links, photo gallery, audio and videos

Available Anytime

Never miss an opportunity to connect and share your TapzCard™

Instantly share your TapzCard™ link with a tap card, QR code scan, text message, email or post on social media

Customized Look and Feel

Text Or Email Link 

4 Ways To Share Your TapzCard™ Link

Post Link Social Media

Scan QR Code

Post your TapzCard™ link on your favorite social media sites

Send your TapzCard™ link directly by text or email

Scan the QR code on the back of the tap card or on the link

Share your TapzCard™ by tapping someone's phone with a tap card

Physical ''Tap'' Card

4 Ways To Quickly Share Your TapzCard™ Link

$147 total to get started which includes setup and first year


Annual Plan

Monthly Plan

Have multiple businesses or a team? Contact us today for more details on our volume discount plans.

$47 total to get started which includes setup and first month

(1) Customized Profile Link

(1) Welcome Audio

(1) Elevator Pitch Audio

All Features


Get an Optional Branded
''Tap'' Card  for only $25


What's Included

With Your Service

TapzCard™ Is Affordable For Everyone

Our pricing plans are simple and affordable for every marketing budget with no hidden fees

Do you need more than one TapzCardâ„¢? Do you have a team that needs TapzCardâ„¢? 

Contact us today to learn about our quantity discount plans.

Send us email at:


$119 total to get started then only $84/year

$49 total to get started then only $14/month

One-time $35 setup cost which includes:

1 Branded Tap Card

Welcome Audio

Elevator Pitch Audio

TapzCardâ„¢ link with all features included

Save 50% Off With Our Annual Plan


One-time $35 setup cost which includes:

1 Branded Tap Card

Welcome Audio

Elevator Pitch Audio

1 TapzCardâ„¢ link with all features included


Pro Plan (Annual)

Pro Plan (Monthly)

TapzCardâ„¢ Plans Are Affordable For Everyone

We have plans that are simple and affordable. Select the plan below that best fits your business.

Save 50% Off With Our Annual Plan ($384/Year)

The standard customized ''tap card'' is $30 each which also includes shipping.

($64/mo - paid monthly)

($30/mo - paid monthly)

($14/mo - paid monthly)


Includes (8) TapzCardâ„¢ links with all features

Includes (3) TapzCardâ„¢ links with all features

Save 50% Off With Our Annual Plan ($180/Year)


Save 50% Off With Our Annual Plan ($84/Year)

Includes (1) TapzCardâ„¢ link with all features





Our Affordable TapzCardâ„¢ Plans

We have plans to fit all budgets. Select the one below that best fit your business.

It will be the LAST business card you'll ever need to showcase your business. It is eco-friendly, always available and makes a lasting impression every time. It's designed to easily capture new prospects, referrals and raving reviews. A centralized link to SHARE EVERYTHING about your business.

No. In fact, you will not need to download any app to share or for the other person to view your TapzCard™.

Most services on the market today are focused on sharing contact info, buttons and links. TapzCard™ takes pride in creating a 'WOW' brand experience with engaging features to help our customers tell their story. Don't waste a first impression. We welcome you to compare and see how TapzCard™ stand out from the rest.

You can send your TapzCard™ link to any smartphone by text or email. Furthermore, with the physical tap card and QR code scan feature, it will virtually cover all iPhones and Androids on the market today.

You can access your contacts/leads from your TapzCard™ in two ways: #1) You will receive an EMAIL notification when someone submits their contact information, sends you a referral or a review, #2) You will be able to log into your account and export all your contacts. 

After you share  your TapzCard™ link, they can quickly save your contact information to their mobile phone's address book by simply tapping on the 'Save My Contact' tab. 

Yes! You will be able to make any updates on your TapzCardâ„¢ when you log into your account.

The first step is to pick a plan and get signed up. After we receive your order, you will be assign a direct account manager. He/She will contact you to go through the set up process and answer any last minute questions you may have.

Our customers love their environmentally-friendly (no paper) TapzPROâ„¢ card. Save the trees and never run out of business cards again.


Grow Your Business and Save Trees At The Same Time


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